• Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version

Nuclear magnetic resonance 3d nls health analyzer hunter Upgraded version

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Product Description


biofeedback health analyzer 3d nls health analyzer


Product Description




3D NLS Hardware Cpu Frequency:4.7GHz

Cores : Advanced Quad-Core processors

and the detection speeds Average time of scanning:  3-9 seconds.

it are a NEW GENERATION DIAGNOSTIC BIO-RESONANCE DEVICE, that can give you as accurate data about the state of your organism as only possible. It really helps to set a proper diagnosis 
It is the simplest and most reliable model, no nonsense, just what you need for a basic work with the patient.
But they have one great advantage – it can be applied to any area of the organism, so you can make a complete analysis to set the accurate diagnosis.



Facts about the latest original 3D-NLS software:
1.Equipment set up on a modern element base, has a stylish design, and interfaces
with a PC via USB-port.
2.The 3D-NLS has a digital trigger sensor in the unit and an analog trigger sensor
which is built into the bio inductor.
3.There is a registration CE certificate.
4.The program works steadily on any Windows operating system (XP, Vista32/64,
Windows7 32/ 64,Windows8/8.1 32/64-bit) ect.
5.The program is translated into many  languages and updated regularly.

6.Accurate anatomic structures.
7.Dual-core processors.
8.Contrast database Accuracy 90%.



What's the 3D-NLS health analyzer principle?  

3D-NLS health analyzer to light waves, sonar, through the eardrum into the human brain, use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy, the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer, Compared with fine huge database, thus find the detection organs present, past, and the next 3-5 years, the health status database was establish by famous scientists of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years, spending tens of billions of national research funds, a collection of different sex, different ages, different races, different diseases, different the clinical data.  
3D-NLS health analyzer function:  
1. Green examination on the body without any harm.  

2. Not only can see the health status of the internal organs, and also easy to understand health trends after 3-5 years.  

3. Rapid detection of 12 systems of the body tissue changes, can be comparison relevant range of scanning up to 300 completed the speed of light 100, 000 scan points to ensure the accuracy of detection.  

4. Quickly to help the user to understanding of the role of specific organ in advance. 

5. To make test data on the efficacy of daily food or health food.  

6. Provide the professional image of teaching materials for the training of the practitioners expertise.  

7. Provide the basis tracking for the sale of health products efficacy.  

8. Can provide personality health professional data recovery plan for consumers.  

9. Can provide daily health diet guidance for consumers.



Main function:

1. body detection function


Detectable systemic 12 big system, 256 items of zang-fu organs, glands, cell... , 4352 kinds of disease make predictive report, the whole body 120000 list ensure accurate detection. Users can saw their organs current and past, and future 3 to 5 years of health and organization cell vitality trend.



2. the  item(goods) analysis function




Can analysis food, health products... The article such as whether to human organs have the effect or damage, so as to carry out mediation balance life state.



3.repair treatment function


With energy spectrum restoration and repair function, to the early stages of the disease or has not been formed stage, especially for pain spot repair has the very good auxiliarycurative





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1pcs/box 5pca/carton
 size:41*28*10cm Weight 4KG



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Packing︰ 41*31*13 weight 4KG
Lead Time︰ 2-3 work days
Standards Certificate︰ CE

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